Wool Hand Knotted Rug
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Wool Hand Knotted Rug

A vague, effervescent echo of a Mihrab fills the field of this peachtoned rug. Contained within the Mihrab is a central motif in the vein of a tree of life; this tree is traditionally seen to be supporting the sky and providing a path from earth to heaven. The yellow, gold and saffron tones of the design elevate the heavenly aspect, while a running latticed guard stripe in grassy green speaks of the earth below.

The rosettes in the border mirror the field whilst the pink arabesque tendrils, curling unpredictably, add a lively design and colour element.

The strong, wide border and the small field, with strokes of intense red, provide a harmonious and balanced composition.

Part of the Watercolours collection.

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Cindy Leveson
2.21 x 2.96 metres
£10,126 inc. VAT
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