Bespoke Process

Starts in London

Whether it is a single piece for your home or a number of custom rugs for a project, our bespoke service gives you full control over all aspects of your rug; from design, size and colour to the production techniques and materials used.

Each intricately hand-crafted rug explores relationships between colour, pattern, texture, weight and the resonance of design languages.

Designs can be tailored into runners, ovals, circles, squares and to meet the requirements imposed by budget and lead time.

Colour Is Important

We can help you choose the perfect colours for your project. Whether you want to liven it up or calm it down, create a cosy space or a cool environment make your rug sing or murmur we will find the colour combination that achieves your goals.

Not Just Pictures On Rugs

Selecting a quality to suit your requirements is a big part of the process. Finding a balance that takes into account the feel you want for your carpet, the amount of time it takes to produce and the budget you have allocated for it is key to producing the perfect rug for you.

Choose between lush shaggy pile, or a restrained sophisticated antique finish. Wool for warmth and durability or silk for luxury. A low knot count to give a tribal rusticity or a high one for intricacy.

Working Together For Beauty

Our team of artisans will then get to work to produce your carpet. Whether it is produced in Morocco, Afghanistan, Nepal, India or Turkey we try to stay at the forefront of ethical production, we keep pushing to improve the lives of our craftspeople and provide them with new opportunities.

We are all collaborators in the act of producing a beautiful heirloom product, the client, the designers, the dyers, the weavers, the washers and the clippers. The process has to be beneficial to everyone and produce a piece that everyone is proud of.

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