Rug care guide

General weekly vacuuming will help prevent small particles from working their way into the pile of the rug and abrading the knots at the base.

If possible, it’s also a good idea to turn the carpet over completely and repeat the process on the back – a very effective way of getting rid of debris.


Act immediately: Don’t ignore the incident as delays can make things very difficult to deal with later. Any liquid spills should be soaked up immediately using plenty of high absorbency paper towels or undyed cotton towelling. Blot - don’t scrub!

Removing solids: If the accident involves solids, start by stroking the surface of the rug to check which is the smooth, silky direction. Then using a pallet knife or something similar, slide under the solids in the direction of the smooth pile. This will prevent the solids from being forced into the pile and will make removal very easy.

Cleaning: Never use wipes of any description as the components could harm your carpet, often some weeks or months later. They will alter the pH level in the carpet and the colour will start to change.

Spot cleaning: A cleaning solution of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts cold water is effective for spot cleaning and will not harm any carpet. Fill a household plant spray/ mister with the solution, spray onto the affected area and allow to dry. Don’t over saturate the carpet. Once dry, brush through the area with a soft bristle brush in the direction of the pile. To help dry the carpet, place a fan on the floor and allow a strong breeze to pass over the surface.


Once you have decided upon your new stunning rug, we strongly recommend that you purchase an underlay. This will substantially improve the life of the rug by preventing premature ware and also creating a barrier that helps prevent dye transfer into the floor.

We offer the leading brand anti-slip underlay Foxi®, ideal when used with either carpet or hard flooring.

For homes with uneven traditional floorboards or stone floors with obvious grouting or unevenness, please get in touch and we will be happy to recommend the best option for you.


Colour transfer: As these rugs are handmade and hand dyed in certain circumstances deep colours may transfer to the flooring underneath.(Dye Transfer) We therefore recommend the use of a suitable underlay to prevent expensive carpet or flooring being affected.

Long threads keep appearing: This is perfectly normal and is not to the detriment of the rug. The surface of your carpet has been clipped short during manufacture. The wool used is often very curly and can settle within the surface of the carpet and be missed when initial clipping takes place. ‘Use’ and ‘warmth’ will result in these rogue tufts appearing, simply cut them off as they appear. This phenomena is known as sprouting in the trade.

Photograph your rug: You have invested in a unique hand made product, it cannot be replaced with an identical piece. It is worth photographing the rug and keeping a digital record for your insurers. Hopefully it will never be needed however, it may be well worth the time taken.

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