Silk Flatweave Rug
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Silk Flatweave Rug

We  have designed three new rugs for this collection. The art of the early Renaissance period lends its pigmentation to create pieces both distinct in narrative yet with creation at their core - from the heavens, the earth and by the hands of humans.

Giotto’s acute dedication to the linear perspective with which the buildings in his paintings are drawn is played with in the Vicchio rug, leading to a disorientating cityscape where the sun bounces off the wrong angles and shadows meddle with your sense of east and west, sending you round in circles. It is a city of ghosts, where nothing is as it seems and stories whispered from one building to the next get tossed and turned until they are something else entirely.

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Shame Studios
1.73 x 2.66 metres
£4155 inc. VAT
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