Wool Hand Knotted Rug
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Wool Hand Knotted Rug

This carpet is an exuberant and playful take on a Heriz rug. The border contains the hint of a lattice in a gorgeously deep, reddish, pink. This lattice jousts with floral buds of turquoise and golden yellow on a pistachio bed which almost takes over the cream ground.

Two tight, dark guard borders provide structure to the rug with a darker-hued and rich aubergine colour.

The colour palette is a strong departure from the colours usually seen in traditional carpets. In many ways this seems the design that has pushed our concept the furthest.

It is also the carpet where we have pushed the aging techniques the most, encouraged to reveal the red warps and wefts usually hidden behind the pile and to use as many overdye techniques as possible, thus creating its rich and varied colour palette.

Part of the Watercolours collection.

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Cindy Leveson
2.20 x 2.74 metres
£9,910 inc. VAT
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