Wool Hand Knotted Rug
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Albert Bridge

Wool Hand Knotted Rug

With the large and simple motifs of a tribal or village Konya carpet, a very generous border of meandering cursive guard stripes encloses a blocky ribbon. Large stellar designs in madder red explode across the delicate blue and indigo field of this rug, surrounding a central, abstract, knot motif.

The colours are also in keeping with a Konya carpet, with their rich madder reds, gentle buckthorn yellows and the wonderful greens obtained from over-dyeing indigo with the aforementioned buckthorn.

This was the first carpet to be designed and created for this collection, defining the starting point for the visual language we would continue to explore.

Part of the Watercolours collection.

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Cindy Leveson
2. 44 x 3.11 metres
£9,652 inc. VAT
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